Premiere and Special Screening of Ace of Sales
 (2016/09/02) The premiere press conference for the workplace comedy film Ace of Sales, directed by Cho Li (The Rice Bomber) and produced by Jufeng Yeh (Our Times), was held on September 1 at VIESHOW Cinemas in Xinyi...
Jackie Chan's Sci-Fi Thriller “Bleeding Steel” Filming in Taipei Starts
(2016/09/01) Years after CZ12: Chinese Zodiac (2012), Kung Fu legend Jackie Chan is back to Taiwan for the shooting of his first sci-fi movie Bleeding Steel. The martial-arts star announced the start of filming in Taipei...
Pre-departure Press Conference for The Road to Mandalay at Venice Film Festival
(2016/08/29) As the new film The Road to Mandalay has been selected for competition in Venice Days at Venice International Film Festival, director Midi Z and lead actors Kai Ko and Wu Ke-xi were scheduled to leave for Italy on August 29...
2016 Taipei Film Academy Calls For Enrollment
(2016/08/26) Organized by Taipei Film Commission (TFC) and featuring prominent international film professionals, the “Cinema Master Forum” and “Filmmakers’ Workshop” of the 2016 Taipei Film Academy are now calling for enrollment...
Taipei Mayor Ko Wen-je Attends Premiere and Special Screening of Yes, Sir! 7
(2016/08/26) Sixteen years since the last film in the classic “military education” film franchise, the Yes, Sir! series, the latest instalment Yes, Sir! 7 is directed by former producer of the franchise, Mei Chang-kun...
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