Suspense Crime Film White Lies, Black Lies Premiere and Special Screening
(2016/04/14) The premiere press conference for Director Lou Yi-an's suspense crime film White Lies, Black Lies was held on April 13 at the Living Mall Cinemark Theater. Lou Yi-an appeared with cast members...
Call for Submissions: Produire au Sud Workshop – Taipei Opens
(2016/04/11) Organized by Bureau of Audiovisual and Music Industry Development in collaboration with the Festival des 3 Continents, Nantes and Taipei Film Festival, the second "Produire au Sud Workshop-Taipei (PAS Taipei)"...
2016 Taiwan Int'l Children's Film Festival Begins
(2016/03/31) Organized by PTS Foundation and Fubon Cultural & Educational Foundation, with support from Taipei City's Department of Cultural Affairs and TFC, 2016 Taiwan Int'l Children's Film Festival opened on March 31...
2016 MOD Microfilm and Golden Short Film Contest Starts
(2016/03/28) The launch press conference for 2016 MOD Microfilm and Golden Short Film Contest, co-organized by Taipei Film Commission (TFC) and Chunghwa Telecom, was held on the afternoon of March 28...
Welcome to the Happy Days Special Screening by TFC
(2016/03/19) Director Gavin Lin's latest comedy Welcome to the Happy Days opened in 65 theaters in Taiwan on March 18. TFC held a special screening at the Xinyi Vieshow Cinemas with director Gavin Lin...
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