Stars went wild at the premiere of Welcome to The Happy Days
(2016/03/18) Welcome to The Happy Days tells the story of how an old Japanese hot spring hotel in Beitou was saved by the granddaughter (played by Ko Chia-yen) of the owner and a handsome American (played by Andrew Chau)...
Love in Vain - A Call to Rights of Accommodation
(2016/03/10) Love in Vain is a film that highlights injustice in housing issues. The story originated from Alex Yang’s long-time observation of the ongoing disparity between housing prices and income...
Premiere and Special Screening of The Moment
(2016/03/03) The Moment, Golden Horse-winning director Yang Li-chou’s latest documentary, held a premiere ceremony at Lux Cinema in Ximen district yesterday (2nd) evening. The film traces the origin of Golden Horse Awards...
Golden Horse Fantastic Film Festival: Director In Focus - Ben Wheatley
(2016/02/23) The 2016 Golden Horse Fantastic Film Festival features not only a strong lineup of new films, but also a revisit to the 5 defining titles of Ben Wheatley, one of UK’s most creative directors...
Our Times Charity Auction
(2016/02/18) Our Times joined The Child Welfare League Foundation in the organization of a charity auction, where more than 50 costumes, props and items used in the film will be auctioned for charity ...
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